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KIN Is A New, Innovative Calgary Gymnastics Club.

Our Calgary gymnastics club offers programs for all levels of athletes, training children from preschool to high performance competition levels. Our experienced coaches are committed to athletic development and the development of our sport through enthusiasm, positive attitudes in training, competition and events, and through well established training processes and methods.

KIN believes that ALL children can benefit from classes and participation in our sport. There are life skills and physical benefits that gymnastics activities provide that are essential to healthy growth and development. Some of the great benefits include the promotion of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, increased coordination, strength development, flexibility, social skills, self confidence, politeness, work ethic, discipline, determination, overcoming fears, performance, and compassion. At Kin, we know that gymnastics is way beyond just learning how to do somersaults and cartwheels!

Some of our non-competitive gymnastics programs include:

  • Parented Gymnastics Classes

  • Un-parented Gymnastics Classes

  • Toddler Gymnastics

  • Preschool Gymnastics

  • KINGym Foundations

  • Junior Olympics Program

KIN is different…..

KIN Gymnastics offers all it’s gymnastics programs, both recreational and competitive, on a month-to-month basis at a fixed monthly price. Athletes can sign up and join a class at any time and progress at their own pace until they have mastered all skills associated with the class, at which point the athlete may transfer to the next level.

Fundraising Optional.

Unlike other Calgary gymnastics clubs, we are not a parent-board ran club. Our Fundraising efforts go 100% to the gymnasts raising the money and they can use those funds to pay for meets, travel and the other expenses they incur. The fundraising committee is not mandatory so your involvement and time commitments are completely voluntary. Our goal is to meet the needs of the gymnasts, offer exceptional coaching, and thrive as a family of like minded parents and gymnasts while setting and achieving goals.

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summer camp and class registration

Program Registration

Program Registration

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summer camp and class registration

About Us

About Us

KIN is a new, innovative gymnastics club. We provide programs for all ages from recreation to competitive. We provide superior instruction in the discipline of Artistic Gymnastics to athletes of all levels.

About Us

Our Coaches

Our Coaches

The programs at KIN are delivered under the leadership of Alin Vermesan and Judy Howard-Holmes. Our coaches are all certified under the National Coaching Certification Program.