KIN Gymnastics is Calgary’s newest gymnastics club….and while we may be the new kid on the block, we have highly experienced, and highly decorated coaching and staff in our KIN family and we are no strangers to the gymnastics world.

Our gym is different….

First off, we are NOT a not-for-proft club. What does this mean for you? It means that your child is a part of a club that is ran like a well oiled machine, by people who know what they are doing. No more inexperienced parent-ran boards, no more fundraising dollars being eaten up by the club and no more wondering where your hard earned money is going!

Our fundraising is all ran by the parents on their own fundraising committee and 100% of the money you raise for your child’s gymnastics, goes straight to your child’s gymnastics!!

At KIN we encourage leadership. We hold our recreation classes along side our competitive programs. Instead of moving the littles into ‘play’ gyms, we have them in a real gym, with real equipment, and really talented older kids! This fosters an environment where the little ones have people to look up to, and allows the older kids to lead by example.

Our classes are set by ability, and not always age. This allows children to grow and develop their skills at their own pace, and not be restricted to programming based on their age. Our coaches are continually assessing the athletes and ensuring that they aren’t being held back by restrictions like age!

Come see for yourself why KIN would be the best gym family for you to join! Call us at 403-774-7322 to chat and arrange a tour.