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The KINder Gymnastics program is the ideal start to physical activity for preschool aged children. They progress at their own rate and are identified by stage of development rather than age. Athletes are introduced to activities and skills that help develop social, physical and cognitive abilities. Athletes develop self-confidence, self-expression and group social skills, as well as processing instruction from adults outside of the home. KINder preschool gymnastics allows for the development of patterning, spatial awareness and problem solving as athletes are encouraged to explore space and equipment in a safe manner. Agility, balance and co-ordination are developed through the learning of fundamental movement patterns, including landings, static positions, locomotions, rotations, swings, springs and object manipulation. Development of gross motor skills includes running, jumping, climbing, rolling, twisting and catching. If you are looking for toddler and preschool gymnastics in Calgary, you are in the right place!

Not sure which program is right?

KIN Gymnastics has developed our own levels based off the CANGYM program, and includes two levels of skills progressions based on Gymnastics Canada’s Fun, Fitness, and Fundamentals educational philosophy. This recreational program allows athletes to learn and develop gymnastics skills without the need to specialize in the sport. As athletes advance through levels 1-4, they establish sound basic skills on gymnastics apparatus, posture and core-strength. This prepares athletes for more advanced gymnastics programs and for the transition of these skills to other sports. The first two levels focus on fun and participation with activities aimed at enhancing physical and emotional literacy. Levels three and four help develop more complex skills and further development of gymnastics skills plus the development of social behaviour in a group or team setting.

Last, but not least, the Junior Olympics (JO) program levels that from part of the Recreational program offer a broad-based, affordable developmental competitive experience outside the traditional competitive Junior Olympic Program to attract and develop a diverse group of athletes. The developmental JO program consists of a seasonal JO 1 program and a 10-month JO 2-3 program offered under the Recreational banner. The program is meant for recreational athletes who desire more time in the gym than most traditional rec programs offer, but in a less competitive setting than JO levels 4 and higher as part of the Competitive Program.


The KIN Recreational Programs are freely accessible, based on readiness and skill level. We want to ensure your child is placed in the most age and skill-appropriate class to ensure each athlete feels physically challenged, yet confident enough to propel themselves to new heights. We recommend scheduling an assessment before deciding on a program, in case you have any doubt. Please note that our coaches evaluate all recreational gymnasts on a constant basis, in order to flag prospects for the competitive, and we also do assessments upon request.