Ninja Warriors Wanted!

All of our classes are instructor-led by a certified coach. Kids will develop their ninja skills and strength by training on the obstacles, which provide an interactive challenge for all levels of experience! Our obstacle course will help with both physical fitness as well as mental toughness; giving participants more than just warrior energy when they leave class at day’s end – They’ll feel like warriors who never give up in life no matter what happens next.

Ninja training teaches determination, bravery, agility and body awareness, but most importantly it is FUN!

Please call (403)774-7322, or use the CHAT button at the bottom right of this page to have us process all of your registration and payment details (including automated instalment options) for you, or you can use the link below to register your child yourself through our online customer portal.

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We are looking for Ninja Warriors to come join our NEW program. $99 a month – weekly classes are coach led. Warriors learn a new obstacle course each week on our Ninja equipment. Climbing walls, ropes, tumbletrak, and custom climbing equipment. Missing Injanation? This class is for you!!