What’s Shaking at KIN?

Gym Power 2019 – KIN Calgary Gymnastics

KIN Gymnastics Calgary sent 20 of our athletes to Edmonton Jan 9-13 to the Gym Power meet hosted by Capital City Gymnastics Centre and our little club had HUGE results! The girls worked hard representing KIN Gymnastics Calgary, and it showed. We want to congratulate all of our girls and highlight some of the epic accomplishments we had in Edmonton. Congrats to: Zaria - 1st All Around JO9 Rachel - 2nd All Around JO9 Kasen - 1st All Around JO6 Emma - 2nd All Around JO5 Maliyah - 1st All Around JO3 Justine - 3rd All Around JO3 Malayna - 1st All Around HP-JR We had several other medals as well including: Montana (competing with team Alberta) - 1st on Vault and Floor, 2nd on Bars and 3rd on Beam J10-16 Isabella - 3rd on Beam JO3 Jade - 1st on Floor JO6 Justine - 1st on Vault, 3rd [...]

Welcome to all of our new members, and welcome back to the rest of you!

2019 has just begun but we are in the FULL SWING OF THINGS here at KIN!! Our new 10-week winter recreation programs started this morning and WOW!! We are overwhelmed with the support and energy you all brought with you. What a fun day! We do still have a few openings for some of our winter classes, and we will be opening up the pre-registration for our spring programs as well very soon so please stay tuned! Please feel free to tag us if you have any photos from KIN on instagram @KINgymnastics. We love it when you share!  

Long-Term Athlete Development….Why Gymnastics is for LIFE.

Ask anyone why they participate in gymnastics, and they will tell you that it is FUN. Regardless of your age or ability, it really is fun to learn challenging new skills, to play on interesting equipment, to do exciting routines in a group or to perform in a demonstration or competition. Gymnastics is also about ‘how the body moves’ and therefore is the Foundation Sport for all physical activity and sports. Early participation in gymnastics develops the most fundamental movement skills, physical and motor abilities, mental abilities, social and emotional abilities, and performance skills that carry over into all aspects of life. Gymnastics is the perfect activity for the development of Physical Literacy – the fundamentals of moving the body and moving objects. Physical literacy enables people of all ages to move confidently and efficiently in any environment that presents a physical challenge. It is an important life skill, [...]

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

KIN Gymnastics is a Calgary gymnastics club specializing in WAG. If you are new to the sport, here is an explanation of what exactly WAG is! Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) is an extremely demanding discipline based upon an athlete’s precision and agility. Women are judged within their own respective categories (age and level) and use a range of apparatuses to perform their stunning routines. Judging criteria varies and is based upon: execution, creativity and difficulty of routine, and the way they utilize their apparatus. Deductions are made for improper landings, inadequate amplitude and execution, lengthy pauses, falls, poor technique. For more detailed information about this discipline, check out Gymnastics Canada’s website. Women’s Artistic Vault: Gymnasts fly through the air executing precise twists and somersaults over a table shaped structure. Uneven Bars: Gymnasts perform continuous movement between two raised bars of uneven height resulting in a series of swings, twists, somersaults and handstands. Balance Beam: Rhythmic [...]

Why KIN?

KIN Gymnastics is Calgary's newest gymnastics club....and while we may be the new kid on the block, we have highly experienced, and highly decorated coaching and staff in our KIN family and we are no strangers to the gymnastics world. Our gym is different.... First off, we are NOT a not-for-proft club. What does this mean for you? It means that your child is a part of a club that is ran like a well oiled machine, by people who know what they are doing. No more inexperienced parent-ran boards, no more fundraising dollars being eaten up by the club and no more wondering where your hard earned money is going! Our fundraising is all ran by the parents on their own fundraising committee and 100% of the money you raise for your child's gymnastics, goes straight to your child's gymnastics!! At KIN we encourage leadership. We hold our [...]

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