KIN Gymnastics Calgary sent a fabulous team of eager gymnasts to Montreal Quebec last weekend for the Gymnix International meet. There were over 100 teams from all over the world, and our girls showed up and let everyone know that KIN was there to compete!!

We want to congratulate all of our girls and highlight some of the epic accomplishments we had in Montreal.

Here are our results:

Morgan – JO6 
Vault – 2nd place
Bars – 8th place
Beam – 9th place
Floor – 4th place
All Around – 6th place

Alexandra – JO6 
Vault – 13th place
Bars – 5th place
Beam – 8th place
Floor – 11th place
All Around – 9th place

Kasen – JO6 
Vault -2nd place
Bars – 6th place
Beam – 7th place
Floor – 9th place
All Around – 5t place

Jade – JO6 
Vault – 20th place
Bars – 7th place
Beam – 90th place
Floor – 12th place
All Around – 16th place

Addison – JO9
Vault – 6th place 
Bars – 9th place
Beam – 11th place
Floor – 3rd place
All Around – 7th place

Zaria – JO9
Vault – 1st place

Bars – 13th place
Beam – 4th place
Floor – 2nd place
All Around – 5th place

Rachel – JO9
Vault – 2nd place

Bars – 3rd place
Beam – 3rd place
Floor – 1st place
All Around – 2nd place

Montana – JO10
Vault – 2nd place

Bars – 12th place
Beam – 2nd place
Floor – 9th place
All Around – 3rd place