The following two forms are required for registration for any of KIN’s recreational and competitive gymnastics programs as per the Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) and Gymnastics Canada (GCG). Please click the links below to download the PDF forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do participants need both forms?2018-08-21T17:20:32+00:00

Notification of Risk is an acknowledgement of risk and liability associated with participation in an activity. PIPA involves the collection, use and storage of personal information.

Who needs to fill out a Notification of Risk form and PIPA form?2018-08-21T17:20:59+00:00

Everyone participating in any activity in a gymnastics club. Example: parent volunteers, board members, coaches, class participants, user groups participating in classes.

Do these forms have to be signed every year?2018-08-21T17:21:25+00:00

PIPA needs to be completed every AGF year (July 1st-June 30th). Once a Notification of Risk form is signed, a new one will need to be signed again if any changes occur. Example: Recreational to Developmental, Badge 1-2 to Badge 3-4.

When do I need to sign a new Notification of Risk form?2018-08-21T17:21:49+00:00

Any time there is a change in the level of risk associated with the participation. Example: GFA to Developmental, Drop-In to GFA.

What if my parents do not want to fill in the form?2018-08-21T17:22:12+00:00

The child cannot participate in the class.

What if the parent dropped off the child and didn’t get the form?2018-08-21T17:22:40+00:00

The child cannot participate in the class.

If the child’s friend/grandparent/nanny comes with them are they able to sign the forms?2018-08-21T17:23:09+00:00

No, only legal guardians are authorized to sign.

When do the forms need to be in by?2018-08-21T17:23:36+00:00

Before participation in the class.

What if any of the questions are answered as “no” on the PIPA form?2018-08-21T17:24:02+00:00

That is fine, however, it must be recorded, and the AGF must be notified.

Does everyone at a Birthday Party need to fill out a Notification of Risk and PIPA Form?2018-08-21T17:24:31+00:00

Yes, everyone participating in the Birthday Party needs to complete both forms, including parents/guardians in the gym.

Can the forms be filled out electronically?2018-08-21T17:24:57+00:00

Yes, but they must be printed, signed and handed in on the first day of class, in person.

Can the person who signed the form, witness their own form?2018-08-21T17:25:29+00:00


Do I have to sign in the presence of a KIN staff member?2018-08-21T17:25:44+00:00


Can a KIN Gymnastics employee be a witness?2018-08-21T17:25:56+00:00


Do the parents in Parented classes need to sign the form too?2018-08-21T17:26:10+00:00


What about bring-a-friend day? Do they need to sign the forms too?2018-08-21T17:26:22+00:00


Do school groups need these forms?2018-08-21T17:26:57+00:00


Can someone else sign for a group of children?2018-08-21T17:27:16+00:00

No, each child needs their own form signed by their legal guardian.

Do these waivers cover our field trips to other establishments2018-08-21T17:27:29+00:00


Will I have to sign other waivers?2018-08-21T17:27:48+00:00

Yes, if you are going offsite to other facilities and events.

If I have signed the form for a recreational class do I need to sign another form for a Birthday Party?2018-08-21T17:28:11+00:00


If the athlete comes from another AGF member club do they need to fill out the form again?2018-08-21T17:28:33+00:00


Do I need to get my athlete who is upgrading to sign a new waiver?2018-08-21T17:28:50+00:00


Who can I contact if I have more questions?2018-08-21T17:29:37+00:00

Contact KIN Gymnastics at or call 403-774-7322

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