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The KIN Competitive Gymnastics Program is for gymnasts who excel in the Recreational Program and who strive to master the skill sets required for the highest levels of achievement in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. Our Competitive Program focuses on the identification of talent and development of physical and mental strength of each athlete, in order to prepare and partake in competitive gymnastics at interclub, provincial and national and international levels.

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The KIN Competitive Gymnastics Program consists of a Developmental, a Pre-Competitive, and Competitive Program and embraces Canada’ primary Women’s Artistic Gymnastics programs, including the developmental Junior Olympic (JO) program, the pre-competitive Aspire program and the competitive High Performance program.

We strive for each athlete to reach their personal best, and although winning is always a cherished goal, KIN Gymnastics strongly promotes a sense of family and a sense of belonging, as an integral part of our athletes’ competitive accomplishments.


The KIN Developmental and Pre-Competitive Programs are freely accessible, based on readiness and skill level. Entry into the KIN Competitive Program is limited to participants selected, based on readiness, performance and tryouts.

Each athlete’s participation in the program is subject to ongoing evaluation. All athletes are evaluated on an ongoing basis, to make sure each athlete maintains mental and physical abilities as well as skill sets that meet competitive standards. In addition to being considered based on their ability to perform physically and technically at the levels required for competition, participation in the competitive program will also depend on personal progress, attitude and effort in all areas of training, as well as competitive performance.