Placement and Development

A well-rounded gymnast is happy, skilled, confident and
fearless all at the same time.

At KIN Gymnastics, we take pride in ensuring every gymnast is placed
in the most age and skill-appropriate class.

It is our philosophy that every child’s placement instills confidence, perseverance and determination and at the same time
challenges their physical skills and mental abilities.

Competitive Gymnastics Assessments

Our competitive gymnastics coaches are always looking for girls to join their program. It’s why our coaches always assess participants within the recreational program and look for competitive candidates based on natural ability, strength, stamina, flexibility, and personality with
a strong potential for growth. 

KIN Gymnastics realizes that the competitive side of this sport requires more than just individual talent and skills.

It really is a long-term family commitment, and for that reason, we always work in close cooperation with the parents when it comes to inviting someone to our competitive program.  Current competitive gymnasts registered with AGF
can come join a free trial class.

Please fill in our assessment form and we will contact you to schedule a time.

If your child is in the development or competitive stream and you would like an assessment to help you determine where they should be registered, please use the following form. If you child is in the recreation stream, please contact us using the chat function, or email us at and we can help you out there.

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